Greening the Apocalypse on RRR

This week on RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse we interviewed Jackie French, author and gardener. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday 24 May when we talk to Deano self described ‘eco fascist’ from The Good Brew Company about regulations for small food producers. In the meantime, you can read Scoby Do: Kombucha Vs the State, an interview I did with Deano last year after his kombucha landed him in a spot of bureaucratic bother.

Kombucha always contains a small amount of alcohol, as do a great many fermented foods. The alcohol content in Deano’s kombucha ‘hovers around 1%’ because it continues to ferment a little after bottling. 1% is considered non alcoholic in most states. If Colin Barnett, cracked one open after a hard day’s trying to kill sharks for example, onlookers could attest, ‘Look, the premier of WA is enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage.’ For Deano, trouble brewed in August 2015 when the Yarra Ranges Council took it upon themselves to test off the shelf samples of The Good Brew kombucha and found that, in some instances, the alcohol level exceeded the Victorian non-alcoholic level of 0.5%.



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