“Many people are put off by the appearance of the whole brain, especially uncooked, or by the very idea of eating it. In a list of 143 foods presented to Americans, brains, together with tripe and kidneys, were overwhelmingly rejected…


Mash some poached brains with beaten egg yolks, a little flour, salt, cayenne, finely chopped parsely, sage, mace, and a little grated lemon rind. Fry as small cakes in butter until slightly browned.”

Chapter 12: Take One Step at a Time

Green Ink: An Introduction to Environmental Journalism by Michael Frome

” Think and live environmentally. Be informed by reading newspapers, journals and books. Actively support change, with your time and money. Focus on elements central to life, living simply, or at least simpler, removing distractions and superfluities…Get outdoors. Balance the introspection of writing by going outdoors. Camp, canoe, kayak, hike, walk, or sit in the park- whatever works…”